Protecting those who protect us

Bulletproof, ballistic proof gate / sentry houses


Ensure your defence line remains with KiboCabins unpenetrable security booths.
KiboCabins are in use at VIP Homes, Embassies, Military and Police Checkpoints, Police Stations, Outposts.

Mobile Versions


From Iraq desert war fronts to snow-filled borders, KiboCabins are built for rugged conditions

Already Furnished

Comes with all necessary amenities right from the factory

KiboCabins; a dependable Shield

Easy Installation and a Beautiful Addition to Homes

Fits Anywhere Security is Needed


We bring to you in Nigeria, Kibo Cabins. The Kibo Technology:

  • Has been purchased by the U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force.
  • Has been approved for sale among NATO countries and carries a NATO Stock Number (NSN)
  • Has a CAGE code, making it available for U.S. Government procurement.
  • Has an ISO 9002 Certificate of Approval.
The modern, practical solution for bullet-proof guarding facilities that is both portable and permanent, and practicable and user - friendly. Bullet- Proof guard huts can be used anywhere. They do not require extensive foundations and have been proven in the market for over 10 years.

Guard huts are recommended for entrances to high security area, especially where certificated vehicle barriers are in use. Typical uses are at border and customs posts, cash centres, embassies, ministries, airports, ports, nuclear sites, military, sports stadia and utilities.

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